It has been my delight to serve the Washington Metropolitan Area, with quality hats, suits and accessories at affordable prices. An excerpt from the book, Crowns by Cunningham and Marberry reads, “countless black woman would rather attend church naked than hatless. For these women, a church hat, flamboyant as it may be, is no mere fashion accessory, it’s a cherished African American custom, one observed with boundless passion by black women of various religious denominations. A woman’s hat speaks long before its wearer utters a word.”

My husband and I started this company in 1997, partly because of my passion for designing hats and also because of the difficulty I experienced in finding nice dressy hats. I have sense added a clothing line (suits) to compliment my array of hats and other products.


I always enjoyed wearing stylish hats, even as a young girl attending my parent's (Bishop and Sister Leon Harper) church. My goal is to provide quality hats, suits and accessories to everyone at affordable prices. Yes, you can look good and wear stylish hats without paying extravagant prices.

This is a family owned and operated business. We try to provide the personal attention we feel all of our clients deserve. We would love to add you as one of our new or returning customers.