To help maintain the appearance of your hat always store them upside down when you’re not wearing it. The brim of your hat is very delicate, therefore by placing the hat on the crown, pressure is taken off the brim, allowing the hat to maintain its original form or firmly stuff the hat with tissue paper before storing.

Take note to hold the crown of your hat with care, unnecessary handling can cause your hat to loose it’s form.

Moths and crickets can eat holes in your hat, when possible, store your hat in a cedar closet or in a hat box with cedar chips, when your hat is put away for storage.

It is important to keep your hat clean, excessive lint, dirt, hair grease can lead to the deterioration of your hat’s durability and cause permanent soiling. To remove lint or dust from Felt hats always brush hat in a counter-clockwise direction.

When selecting a hat, if your head size falls between two sizes, it is advisable to select the larger size to insure a more comfortable fit. A small piece of foam behind the sweatband can make the larger hat fit just right.

Hat Care Products

Sponges, a soft brush or a cloth can be used to clean straw hats. Grease spots can be brushed out with a little corn starch or use a hat cleaner product.  Also, many hat cleaner products can remove a variety of grease-based stains like sweating, fingerprints and baby oil. Take note to follow all written instructions on these products.